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Rent Review

What are rent Reviews and when do they usually occur?

Rent reviews take place at whatever intervals are agreed in the lease. Their purpose is usually to adjust the rent to the current market level at the review date (but see below).

Can rents go down as well as up?

It depends on the terms of the lease. Some leases say that the rent will remain at the same level or increase (if market rents have increased) at the review date.
This is often referred to as an upward only rent review clause (see section Taking a lease). Other leases allow the rent to go either up or down, depending on market rents at the time. ^

Are rent review clauses the same in all leases ?

No. The rent review clauses in leases are often long and complicated. This is partly due to the fact that each lease will reflect the needs of the particular occupier to whom it relates.

We can help you to understand the implications of the rent review clauses in your own lease. ^

How is the rent review activated ?

Often, the first step in the review procedure occurs when the landlord gives you written notice that the review is to be activated. A specific figure will be quoted for the new rent. If this does not seem reasonable, you must write and say so immediately.

There may be deadlines in the lease which, if you miss them, mean that you have to pay what the landlord is asking.

You can then either try to agree a new rent with the landlord or ask us to negotiate on your behalf. Above all, do not ignore the issue. It will not go away. ^

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